Domestic Competitions

Domestic competitions


As members of the Dancesport Federation of Serbia and the Dance Federation of Belgrade, our douples and formation teams perform at national and regional competitions.

According to the competitions calendar of the Dancesport Federation of Serbia, 10 qualifications competitions are held, three State Championships and six cups on the national level.

The age limits and quality levels are specified in the Competitor Regulations of the Dancesport Federation of Serbia:

JUVENILES                            ages 7 – 11

JUNIOR I                                 ages 12 – 13

JUNIOR II                               ages 14 –15

YOUTH                                   ages 16 –18

ADULT                                   ages 19 and over


At qualifications competitions, couples compete in their own age group and category, but in Cups and State Chapmionships, couples compete in the absolute category inside their own age group.