About us

Dance Club BeoDance was founded in February of 1991. Today, it is the most succesful club in the country and a leader in dancesport.

We teach dance through beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for both adults and children. Besides commonly known dances such as cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, paso doble, jive, the english and Viennese waltzes, tango, slowfox, and quickstep, you can also learn rock ‘n’ roll, swing, boogie voogie, merenge, salsa, disco, sirtaki, argentine tango, the polka... 

For the more ambitious, after completing the dance courses, further advancement in our formation team, the pre-competitive, or the competitive ranks.

The BeoDance formation team, which is something entirely new in these parts, has, apart from latin formations, very attractive choreographies of swing, salsa, and other dances.

The dancers, BeoDance competitors, are an indispensable part of the finals in competitions both in Serbia and abroad. From the category of Juvenile to Adult, our couples have gained countless titles of state champions, as well as numerous international awards. The first Serbian Professional couple comes from BeoDance.


BeoDance is also the organizer of a large number of dance manifestations both domestic and international. Besides many qualifications and rating competitions, as well as state championships, BeoDance is also the organizer of the largest dance competition in the Balkans, “WDSF BeoDance OPEN – BELGRADE TROPHY” which takes place in September each year at the Sports Hall “Šumice” in Belgrade.

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